The Undead

Too Much Magic in Xarion

Some parts of Xarion struggle with the undead population in places such as in Armillii and Serka. Bodies need to be burned or else there is a high chance of undead coming back. Undead cannot be created by a wielder of magic, but undead are created by magic itself. Undead cannot be controlled and only serve under The Obsidian Keeper. It is rare for a corpse to possess intelligence. If one does, it may be reluctant to obey, but in the end, their behavior must reflect The Obsidian Keeper’s best interest, typically resulting in the creature pondering whether or not it has any free will at all and no different than the husks.

In the most extreme and rare cases, Phantom Hunters and Shadow Stalkers belong to no god and cannot be divinely intervened, making them dangerous opponents. Not even followers of the Keeper would ever want to run into these creature, since they have Unbound taint and are walking soul traps.