The Unbound

Creatures of Chaos and the Void

The Unbound are creatures of no physical body and exist in a realm between dreams and the afterlife. They are bringers of nightmares, also known as Outsiders or Demons by some. They can be what you want, and be what you fear.

The Unbound once had a deity of their own in the realm of Hellfri. The nameless deity loved her children, she made them powerful, immortal and full of curiosity. She would never allow them to know pain, understand love and loss. Fear nothing and want everything. The Unbound had an insatiable hunger for magic and power and they could not love their maker as she loved them. They destroyed everything.

Gods need worshipers and the Unbound did not need the unnamed deity anymore. They destroyed their world and killed their own creator by simply being blessed with near godly powers themselves.

The Unbound no longer have a place to call home, which is why they hang on the threads of dimensions, watching and wishing they could have everything through dreamers and the dying of other realms and why they so eagerly strive to be nightmarish parasites.

The End of Hellfri

The White Lady of Mer’s world was dying due to the infestation of the Unbound. When The White Lady had to flee her world, she traveled through the darkness, plucking stars to guide her way to ‘somewhere’. She wanted revenge on the Unbound for destroying her world and her followers, so she went to the realm of the Unbound.

It was a black void, there was nothing for her to even destroy. She shined the stars in the darkness and found a dying deformed creature suspended in the darkness. The creature was the deity of Hellfi, who was now dying in it’s now mortal blood. The creature weeped, saying that they (the unbound) had all left her and her world to perish.

She regret loving her creations so much, she had feared of giving them the ability to feel and understand pain, death, fear, sorrow and she gave them everything the Unbound wanted -free will, power, pleasure, whatever they wanted. The dying deity said she could never forcefully change the Unbound. The White lady accused her for for not allowing them to change and killed her.