The Obsidian Keeper

The End of the Exalted Ones

Now known as the God of Ill Fate, Misfortune, Forbidden Magic and Undead, The Obsidian Keeper didn’t always used to have such a title up until recently.

He used to be mocked as the God of Nothing by the brother gods when he strived for godhood himself. The Obsidian Keeper was an Exalted Elf, son of the Minor deity of Fate and Luck. He was fated to be one of the first mortals and also of pure free will. At this time, an afterlife did not exist, but reincarnation did. Reincarnation was an amazing thing, and life could begin anew and Xarion would experience new life.


The Obsidian Keeper originally had looked up to his gods and wanted to be just like them. He wanted to be a god himself and cheat death. He nearly succeeded. 

When the Keeper dreamt , he would associate with the Unbound(our understanding of what demons may be), who exist on an entirely different plane of existence and are capable of going to any world they please. The Unbound teach him magic in his dreams, things that even the young gods Diverum and Arcanis do not know. He falls in love with one while he’s clearing his path to power and she claims to love him back.

The Keeper encouraged his people to focus on themselves and learn what they can. He even created the second red moon to prove that he was just great as the gods and believed they feared him for his power. And they did- and forced mortality upon him first as a punishment, followed by his ‘Ghosts’. Later on in life, The Obsidian Keeper began to worry about death, everything he was learning would go with him.Eventually the Keeper got followers of his own who worshipped him as a mortal god–until he found his immortality.

In order for The Obsidian Keeper to become the first lich, he created a phylactery for his soul so it could be contained. He stored his soul in obsidian(which may really be tektite from space), hence his title. And the container was made out of meteorite. Anything found in Xarion that came from an outside force could not be destroyed by the gods, because the material is not of their creation, so the keeper’s soul was safe from his Arcanis,Diverum and the White Lady of Mera. Many Exalted followed suit

For becoming undead, he could no longer dream, if he couldn’t dream, he could no longer enter the this realm to create his perfect vision nor speak with the outsider he loved. She tells him that he can create a gateway. He creates the archway in Armillii that opens up that dimension, which then releases her kind into Xarion, however, they have no physical body.

An afterlife did not exist at the time; only reincarnation, there would be no memory of who you ever were if you were reincarnated.(Why reincarnate into a lesser being with no memory?) The Exalted would make arrangements with these extraterrestrials, either by suicide or by dreaming, many of the Exalted invited them to take residence in their bodies to prevent reincarnation and preserve their knowledge, creating a symbiotic relationship. If the original owner died, the Unbound would devour the soul and claim the body for itself. These are oddly to thank for the preservation of Xarion’s earliest magic and history. Ultimately the only way to part this incorporeal parasite from the animated husk is to destroy the body.

Arcanis and Diverum thought it would be best to send the Obsidian Keeper into the maelstrom they created which was called, Nil. They began to severely punish Armillii’s inhabitants by evolving the Exalted into the first elves. The gate was also destroyed and the first demons left Armillii to Charlomose.