Modern Races of Xarion


Elves are the result of the Exalted race becoming too much. Through divine intervention, the brother gods took away the power the Exalted were abusing. The winged immortals were no longer, and their lifespan was cut to only a mere half a millennia. Those loyal who promised servitude were given a much more generous punishment than to those who became the first humans. The first elves were able to keep most of their ancestral appearance, long lasting beauty and volatile personalities. You either love the elves, or you hate them.


Humans thrive when change is inevitable. Humans were created with the elves, except their ancestors were the ones who rebelled against the gods and encouraged discourse in a young world, which in the end gave them the most severe punishment of mortality. With one of the shortest lifespans of all of the races, they push themselves the hardest to explore, to discover and to conquer. Humans don’t limit themselves and are respected for numerous accomplishments that nobody else would would ever attempt.

The Descendants

Direct mutated ‘cousins’ of the elves and humans. The Exalted drastically changed when the Outsiders came and physically possessed the newly mortalized Exalted. The parasitic relationship eventually became no more as generations passed, simply leaving these descendants as their own being.


The first mortals but most hearty race in Xarion. The Garren are as diverse and universally found as humans. They are considered to be the most pure and complete race. They are the only beings capable of cross breeding with all of the mammalian humanoid races. Garren are sometimes mated with another race to fix an unhealthy lineage, creating Trolls.


A semi-aquatic race, typically found in cavernous and subterranean places. They are considered savage even to the Garren and humans hate them due to their environmentally destructive nature.


The Shuvan are an intelligent and proud race, typically seeing themselves above everyone else and will bluntly state so. Many Shuvan are known to create and advance Xarion’s modern society and tend to have very small communities. They become bored easily and struggle maintaining relationships if the other individual no longer serves them, not that they care much.