Magic Classes

Know where you stand in the universe. The constellations will guide you. To cast a spell, locate your constellation and choose your school(s) from your caster hand. Not all domains in a constellation may be there. It takes years studying Xarion’s astrology, and even more years to actually put that knowledge into practice to become a competent spellcaster. Some combined domains are harder to draw from. All civilized (five fingered) races have the ability to learn magic, unfortunately between the time it takes to learn and with the side effects of magic, you’re more likely to meet a magical hobbyist learning only a few spells to help with the crops than a proficient magical combatant.

Casters however do not choose their given domain if they take up magic, it is unknown what determines it but many believe it is determined by the sun and moon daily cycle.

Drawn from the WorldDrawn from the Oneself

The Two Sources:

The World

These casters rely on the realm of Xarion to cast spells.These casters have a natural affinity with magic and draw their power from Xarion itself. The more magical the location, the more powerful the spell can be, which can give the caster potentially unlimited power and vise versa if there is no natural magic ambience. Because of their power potential, these types of casters are not able to produce their own customized magic and may only cast the magic the gods have made available no matter how powerful they beome. Another downside to trying to wield Xarion’s primal magic, these types of users can lose themselves to insanity depending on how overused the magic is used. There is no known magic to cure this madness.


These casters don’t need to rely on the realm of Xarion to cast spells and are able to completely do it on their own by through study and improving the mind and body. Casters who draw magic from themselves can create their own spells, making them desirable in society. Unfortunately, most will not pursue this freedom. The downside to having one’s own being as the source of casting, these types of magic users will have shorter lifespans than their race depending on how overused the magic is used. However, there are ways to extend lifespans, though very frowned upon. The Obsidian Keeper avoided his fate by becoming Xarion’s first undead mage to pursue godhood.

Arcane Magic

Drawn from the right hand and stronger at night.

R. HandThumbPointerMiddleRingPinky
Spell Examples
(No universal spell titles)
Cantrips/flourishes and simple glamours, small manipulationsFireball, Earthquakes, Force
Short Teleports, Summon Elementals, Mirroring, Throw voice, Hide tracks, Alter AppearanceDrain Life, Death Wail,

Divine Magic

Drawn from the left hand and stronger during the day.

L. HandThumbPointerMiddleRingPinky
Spell Examples
(No universal spell titles)
Cantrips/flourishes and simple glamours, small manipulationsControl plants in small radius, Entanglement, Speak with AnimalsReflect Spell, Protection ZonesTelepathy, Destroy UndeadStandard Healing

Libronic Magic

Extremely rare to come by where the user has the capacity to cast from both domains. It’s even more rare to be competent in both.

Miracle Magic

Broken down into their two categories, the two schools lost to Xarion is Transmutation and Enchantment magic. they are the oldest type of magic, originating from The Exalted race before their knowledge was lost. This is magic that the brother gods may have given their creations the ability to do before deciding they were undeserving of them. All that’s left are remnants existing through lost scrolls, magic items and personal journals that survived the ages. It’s possible for a mage, shaman or a druid to accidentally rediscover a miracle spell, but these spells tend to require much more time and preparation to cast.

Some very old nomadic cultures may still practice some miracle magic as long as there’s a predecessor or two able to keep traditions alive. These groups tend to stray from large societies and tend to much more secretive about their magic.

Tainted Magic

In the early days of mortality, the Unbound were able to access Xarion’s magic, but it is twisted, and unable to be used properly and it’s original intent becomes warped. Not known is much about Tainted Magic other than every school from both domains can become tainted and even Miracle magic isn’t safe from the corruption. The only records of Tainted magic have always been in Armillii.

ArcaneCantrips/flourishes and simple glamours, small manipulations but somehow unsettlingReality ManipulationDemonicShadowAffliction
DivineCantrips/flourishes and simple glamours, small manipulations but somehow unsettlingCorruptionVoidSoulSacrificial
Tainted Miracle Spells are avoided at all costs.

Magic users are sometimes seen to be unstoppable forces, but needing to know their cardinal points and having good stances in the heat of combat requires intense focus and can be taken advantage of. Some people and places are trained to handle casters. Cutting off a finger causes a caster to forever lose access to that particular school of magic, or say a mage gets thrown in jail or manacled, the spell they need to seamlessly escape requires a constellation to the East, but as long as the caster cannot fluidly bring their casting hand East and are bound, they cannot cast that particular magic from that constellation. They may a different constellation of spells from another direction and may try a different strategy. Good luck trying to bind a witch or a druid though since they have access to both domains through both hands.