Q: When does Traitors update?

A: The comic has no set schedule…yet.To find out when updates are made, you can watch for them on Twitter,FB and Tumblr by giving the Traitors pages a follow.

Q: How do you make your comic?


It’s a one woman show and I probably make it more complicated than it should be but this is what I do:

1. Watch documentaries while you write as often as you can until it looks like you have a badly written mix of a novella/screenplay. Make a timeline! Write about things you’re somewhat knowledgable about.
2. Break it up every few sentences until it looks like those few sentences could be a page and number them and pace it for chapters.

3. Thumbnail the pages in a small drawing pad

4. I send the pictures of the thumbnails to myself and format it to fit a comic page online.(I do these in batches)

5. I send them to myself AGAIN for cleaned up sketches and Lineart which I do in Clip Paint Studio while I’m at work on my Ipad. Google Sketch Up is too confusing for me for interior so I made my homes in Sims LOL. Not entirely accurate but it’s good enough.
6. Then I color in Photoshop CS6 and finish with dialogue.

Q: Is Traitors a romance?

A: Hell na..but if you wanna view it that way, you do you. But this is not a healthy romance kind of comic. I want everyone to understand I do not share the views of my characters nor do I believe most of the relationships anyone has in this comic is a healthy one.

Q: Who are you?

A: My name is Alyssa, I love playing video games and good old D&D tops them all.(unpopular opinion but I like 4e the most) I’ve been in online art communities for almost 15 years and I like RPing too even though I’m a terrible writer.

I think The LOTR trilogy are the best movies ever and I still listen to Enya to this day.
My favorite fantasy artist is Michael Whelan. I also hate breakfast foods.