/????/ A bit of a mysterious outcast, Lu is a rare half elf. He seems to be some sort of black market tradesman that isn't afraid of taking risks. He comes off quite lax, and yet quite competent in his line of work. Because of his lifestyle, Raymond doesn't intimidate him, and he even may feel slightly bad for the other. He tries to keep everyone's best interest in mind so it's better to stay on his good side and treat him with respect.


1) Arianna Landers

/ENFJ/A young mage who has recently moved from Dirmkrallo to Armillii to continue her studies. Arianna is married to Raymond, and just as dedicated to a deity known as The Obsidian Keeper. She believes she has been cursed with ill fate and that the world is against her at every turn. She believes that her dedication to The Obsidian Keeper will change her life around.

2) Raymond Boswell

/ISTJ/Husband of Arianna and someone who has spent years hanging with the wrong crowds and doing odd jobs. He's a big thrill seeker even though he generally prefers his peace and quiet.

3) Aden Telenor

/ESTJ/ Aden is a young elf who serves the city of Armillii as a guardsman. His name may seem unusual to many since it is not Elven in the least. Over the years, humans are now much more part of Armillii's society. He is dedicated to following protocol and ensuring peace is being kept. He wants to fit in and appease everyone. Aden appears to have feelings for the druid, Tyriss that is frowned upon. Upon discussion, he seems to also have some living up to his father's expectations.

4) Muerunwè Telenor


Pronounced: (Mair-oon-way)