When Armillii is mentioned by most people, they are not referring to the country, but the city within it. Armillii is the oldest city in Xarion and has had to be rebuilt from the ground up a number of times due to war and destructive magic. What makes Armillii so sought after is because of its lengthy existence, there is a natural magical ambiance, enhancing the world around it. Nature grows bigger, magic is more powerful and resources are abundant but not used in ways other parties would.

Armillii is also an archeologist’s goldmine (…or a tombraider’s) It is the only place in the world where enchanted artifacts and scrolls of Miracle magic have been found. Its desirability makes it hard for Armillii to have any meaningful relationships with other countries or factions. Armillii’s people though, are extremely loyal and protective of their society.

Armillii started off as a theocratic mageocracy and hit multiple ‘Ages’ with that system. It worked, but it never took much to witness the corruption of power hungry spell casters as the ruling class. Religion also became a problem. In more recent years with Armillii needing serious aid, it reluctantly has gravitated towards an Imperialistic society, giving Ryklor the power to try and run it politically, economically and socially to catch up to Xarion’s modern structures. Many Armillinians are against it and despise Ryklor for interfering.

There are not as many visitors anymore, and many Armillininans have trouble leaving the city if they wish to have a life elsewhere.